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Hamproducts 2021 :

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Yaesu FT-DX 10 - Bestilligsvare 20300 ,- NOK


New radio from Yaesu

Frequency band


HF, 50 MHz, 70 MHz

Mode of Traffic



Power output


5-100 Watt



5-50 Watt AM



5 tum color



160 - 4 Meter

CAT Control



Effective QRM rejection with the IF DSP (IF SHIFT/WIDTH, IF NOTCH DNF, DNR, COUNTOUR)

15 separate band pass filters

Built-in Roofing Filter

CW Memory



266 mm x 91 mm x 263 mm (excl buttons and knobs)



5.9 kg

Radio Features:
- HF/50MHz band 100W Transceiver
- Hybrid SDR configuration utilizing a Narrow Bandwidth SDR, and a Direct Sampling SDR
- Narrow Band SDR enables Phenomenal Multi-signal Receiving characteristics (2kHz RMDR 116dB+, 2kHz BDR 141dB+, 2kHz 3rd IMDR 109dB+)
- Down conversion, 9MHz IF Roofing Filters produce Excellent Shape Factor
- 250 MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) Ultra Low-Noise Local-Oscillator System
- 15 Separate Powerful Band Pass Filters (BPF)
- High-quality and Super-Stable Final Amplifier utilizing the new push-pull MOSFET RD70HUP2 " - 5-inch Full Colour Touch Panel and 3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream) Display"
- MPVD (Multi-Purpose VFO Outer Dial) enables Outstanding Operating Performance
- Quick Memory Bank (QMB)
- Supports CW operation with multiple functions such as: CW zero-in, CW Auto zero-in, CW Reverse, CW decode, CW keying Signal form Shaping by FPGA and others
- RTTY (FSK)/ PSK Encode/Decode Function
- Other practical features such as Optional RF Gain Selection by IPO. Automatic Gain Control, Quick Split Function
- SD Card Slot
- Remote Operation via Internet with optional LAN-Unit (SCU-LAN10)

Supplied Accessories:
Microphone SSM-75E
DC Power Cable w/Fuse
Spare Fuse
6.3mm 3-contact Plug

Order Acom HF+50Mhz Amplifier here

1. Product 1000


Fits or Yaesu, Elcraft radio into Acom Amps, OM Power, Expert amps.

For Yaesu FT-DX101D FT-DX101MP FT-DX1200 FT-DX3000 FT-DX5000 FT-2000

For Elekraft K3 K3S K4 + FLEX

incl. cable 15 pin DIN or RJ45

Tired of all PTT and cables on front desk? Hard to reach rear ports of your radio and collect all wiring into one placE?

1. pcs Input cable for your specific radio 15 PIN for rear of radio or speficradio connector.

2. 3 output port with BCD connector with RJ45, 9Pin Din or screw connector to your amplifier.

3. Foot Switch input

4. TX inhibit port for multi op purpose TX Blocking

5. TX GND / PA PTT output port to your amplifier

6. ALC port


2. Product 2000

2 el Phased Array box for 2 el array, 2 el fixed yagi, 2 el inv-l or 2 el Delta Loop.


Hamradio support

*Computer building / Hamradio Software Setup

1. Remote support via Team Viewer / VNC Server

2. Contest Software setup

3. New installation of Windows

4. New build of hamradio computer with hamradio software


* Order Antenna Service

Product 3000 W3DZZ QRO

Product 3001 W3DZZ 1KW

Product 3002 INV-L antenna160/80/40

Product 3003 QRO Traps for INV-L Antenna 30/40/60/80

Product 3004 QRO Traps for INV-L Antenna 60/80/160

Product 3005 Mini Dipole with traps 80-40-17-10m


2 el Phased Array

Delta Loop 40 / 30 / 20

*Antenna Controller & Band Decoder Yaesu / Kenwood


* Hamstation automation with PLC / Computer system

25 years of experience with Automation system in industrial environment


*Antenna filter QRO Single Band 160 / 80 /40 meter

Handmade QRO filter